Saturday, 18 August 2012

NW Coal Tank; recent progress

Balance weights in place beneath the boiler.

Not only are the balance weights in place on the transverse shaft behind the reversing arm but also the whole inside motion is in there between the frames below the weights.  It's cosmetic rather than working inside motion, nevertheless I think it makes all the difference and is a worthwhile addition to the model...well you can judge for yourselves.

Exterior details are mostly complete.

I completed as much exterior detail as time allowed before taking the Coal Tank up to Carlisle to the CD0GG monthly Running Day last Saturday. I'm pleased to say that she ran well, albeit with a train of modest proportion, and was much admired. It was however noted that the engine needs some more weight to help traction and I'll address this matter carefully as I'm wary of adding unnecessary weight to an engine.

Interior cab details are still at an early stage.

The roof and rear bunker can be removed at this stage to facilitate work on the cab interior, and there's a lot of detail still to go in there. I'll probably construct a pattern for a tool box myself from which I can then produce a mould to make castings from, as I've not found any appropriate castings available commercially. The wooden brake blocks are LGM brass castings. The pull-rod mechanism isn't complete yet...the actual pull-rods are very fine and I've made them from straightened 1.5mm half-round wire, the half-round profile adds strength without detracting from their appearance.