Saturday, 26 October 2013

HR 57 More Progress

HR 57 Stroudley 0-6-0T "Lochgorm"

The smokebox assembly is held in place by a screw passing through the front of the tanks, the front sandboxes are separate castings and will be fixed to the running plate. Detail beneath the running plate is at an early stage though information based on a forthcoming article on the braking systems of the three Stroudley engines, to be published in the  HR Journal, has proved both timely and useful...there's more to it than I thought! The author, Charlie Wrigley, also provided me with information on the inside motion, part of which can be seen in photos of the prototype through the pear shaped cut-out in the frames in advance of the center driver  

HR 57 roof details

The rear of the cab is a separate assembly, fixed in place by screws passing through the running plate.
The roof plate seen here will be soldered only to the rear of the cab and locate onto an angle section affixed to the top of the cab front plate. This arrangement which allows the cab to be dis-assembled greatly assists building the cab interior and will help later when the crew are posed.

HR 57 with roof casting in place.

The white metal roof casting will be glued to the underlying roof plate which will form a slot at the front to locate into the tongue protruding from the top of the cab front plate which can be seen in the following photo.

HR 57 Cab interior details.

I know that the gauge on the cab front and the reversing lever are in the correct position and so is the rod that leads into the cab from the whistle, but apart from these details I'm in the dark and have had recourse to drawings of the Stroudley "Terrier" for the remainder of the cab interior. The floor has a sheet overlay which will form the base for a wooden floor which will be made from miniature wood planking.  LGM castings provide the basis of the backhead detail which, when the pipework is added, should add to a convincing and busy interior. And there'll be a crew, coal on the floor, tools and a shovel too, to help bring the engine to life.

HR 57

The lamp, an LGM casting, seen above the smokebox door is soldered into its holder then the assembly is drilled, threaded onto the handrail and  soldered in place.