Smaller Military Figures

These smaller scale figures in 54 and 65mm size were originally marketed under Pete's "Border Miniatures" label as white metal kits; all the sculpture and painting is by the author.

54mm Horse Grenadier, Horse Guards Regt. 1689.

54mm Officers of the Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry 1899
65mm French Fusilier, Demi Brigade de Bataille 1798

65mm French Napoleonic Sapeur 8eme Leger.

65mm French Napoleonic Voltigeur

65mm French Grenadier 1789
54mm Officer, Duke of Lancaster's Own Yeomanry 1899.
54mm Drummer, English Line Regt. 1750
54mm Musketeer, Guards Regt. 1689
54mm Ensigns, English Line Regt. 1702 
54mm Grenadier, Guards Regt 1689
54mm Grenadier Coldstream Guards C18. Painted by Derek Holmes.
60mm Fairground Organ Bandmaster.

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