Thursday, 20 February 2014

A NW Tender in search of an Engine.

LNWR 1800 gallon tender c.1885
The 1800 gallon tender was introduced to the LNWR by F.W. Webb in 1874. From 1882 these tenders were built with a single side plate 14ft long in place of two shorter ones and it is this version that is the subject of the "Gladiator" kit which was the starting point of this model. At this point in time it remains a tender in search of a locomotive. However... there is a suitable locomotive kit in the pipeline and a good deal of development work has been done already, and though it's still under this Blog for news of developments.

LNWR 1800 gallon tender c.1885

Some additions and improvements were made to the basic Gladiator kit, the tool boxes and their plinths were a particular trial and took a good deal of work before they were acceptable. The handle below the spoked brake wheel operates the water scoop which I have yet to model.

It's a busy place underneath an 1800g tender.

The outer brake pull-rods can be disassembled to enable removal of the wheels. The outer rods are held in place by 14BA screws which pass through spacing tubes and thread into the rear pull rods which are soldered to the inner chassis and tapped to accept the screws. The bushes carrying the center axle slide in a vertical slot and are sprung by a wire attached to the chassis, otherwise the suspension is solid. The tender is arranged for the American pick-up system by having the wheels on one side shorted out.