Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Steam Roller

Duncan Models' Aveling and Porter 15Ton Steam Roller

I'm in the process of building this steam roller from a Duncan Models kit. When I bought it I intended it as a load for the 20Ton MAC-L featured in my previous blog posting; however it does seem rather large for the wagon, it only just fits on, so at the moment I'm really not sure if this is the wagon for the job.

I noted in the current Gazette that Scorpio Models list an F2 Steam Roller Wagon, a low-loader bogie affair, which may be better suited to transport this hefty piece of machinery. The white metal model complete weighs 400g ; wheelbase is 75mm ; overall length 125mm. It builds well straight from the box, I've soldered most of it together with ultra-low melt solder and made a few minor additions and improvements, I look forward to painting it... and perhaps getting some nameplates made.

Possibly an oversize load?

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Two Low Loaders

Dragon Models' Cambrian Railway Machinery Wagon

As light relief, alongside making a tentative start on a new scratch built loco project, I made a couple of low loader machinery wagons in January. This little Dragon Models wagon has made a very attractive model though it was not as easy as it looks to construct, I managed to tie myself in knots with all those split pins and rings, all 24 of them! I made no changes or improvements to the kit, though I scored the floor planks with a rough file to represent the grain of wood; I think this helps at the painting stage when dry brushing for a timber effect.

I had imagined that the Farmall tractor that I featured some weeks ago would be an ideal load for the Cambrian Railways wagon however on reading the instructions I discovered to my chagrin that these wagons were both scrapped by 1928, long before the Farmall tractor came into production in the 1930s... So I have a machinery wagon in need of a machine to carry.

I don't know the origin of the quote but...

"A wagon without a load is like a sausage without mustard!"    

Connoisseur Models' 20T MAC-L  Low Machinery Truck

Apart from changing the couplings for a chunkier pair and altering the coupling plate to suit I made no changes to the Connoisseur kit though I again scored the planks to give an effect of wood grain.

I have a Duncan Models Aveling Porter steam roller kit sitting in the cupboard here in the studio which looks a rather daunting prospect, it is intended as a load for the above machinery truck and though it looks a bit big to me I'm assured by Andy Duncan that it fits nicely and that it'll make an ideal load for this particular wagon.

Watch this space for details of Pete's new Highland Railway loco scratch building project.