Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Steam Roller

Duncan Models' Aveling and Porter 15Ton Steam Roller

I'm in the process of building this steam roller from a Duncan Models kit. When I bought it I intended it as a load for the 20Ton MAC-L featured in my previous blog posting; however it does seem rather large for the wagon, it only just fits on, so at the moment I'm really not sure if this is the wagon for the job.

I noted in the current Gazette that Scorpio Models list an F2 Steam Roller Wagon, a low-loader bogie affair, which may be better suited to transport this hefty piece of machinery. The white metal model complete weighs 400g ; wheelbase is 75mm ; overall length 125mm. It builds well straight from the box, I've soldered most of it together with ultra-low melt solder and made a few minor additions and improvements, I look forward to painting it... and perhaps getting some nameplates made.

Possibly an oversize load?

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