Monday, 24 April 2017

A GSWR Timber Wagon

GSWR Timber Wagon

I built this little Scottish timber wagon recently from a Dragon Models Celtic Connections kit, it's now complete and awaiting paint and transfers. The wagon also needs a twin to make it viable as a load carrying vehicle. I thickened the wagon sides to a scale 3" and modified the brake gear on the etch to conform with that of a timber wagon rather than that of a pig iron wagon, which was the braking system on the etch. I also removed the raised lettering from the number and loading plates as I intend to design and print some improvements myself. The wagon floor is Plastikard planking mounted on the brass wagon bed. Length of the wagon over buffers is 120mm; weight is 175g. Though not an easy build, the wagon certainly looks the part and cries out for a mate to keep it company.