Tuesday, 8 April 2014

HR OCT and Chummy.

HR d.47 OCT with Austin 7 Chummy c.1923

The Austin 7 Open Tourer known affectionately as a "chummy" was in its first year of production in 1923 and here's one being delivered by the Highland Railway on an Open Carriage Truck. The car's number plate begins with SO... the S being for Scotland and the second letter denoting the area, in this case Morayshire. The wagon plate lettering reads silver rather than white and as I couldn't dry brush it to read white, I relied on the weathering to simply dull the metallic lettering which I hope works. On Saturday the model's bound for Carlisle to the CD0GG meeting, for a run on the layout, a few photos in the scenic section and entry into the annual modelling competition.