Military Figures by Pete Armstrong

All the military figures in this section of Pete's Blog were sculpted and painted by Pete Armstrong unless otherwise credited. They were originally marketed as white metal kits under his "Border Miniatures" label. The separate metal parts are soldered together then the completed figure is hand painted using enamel paints. The size is 80mm which is the measurement of a standing figure without his headgear.

80mm Mounted Figures 
80mm Mounted Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn 1314
80mm Mounted Border Reiver C16 sculpted by Keith Durham with some help from Pete Armstrong

80mm Mounted German Mercenary Captain c. 1490

80mm Mounted English Knight at Bannockburn 1314

80mm Mounted Parliamentarian Cavalryman, English Civil War
80mm Mounted Knight, Warwick "The Kingmaker" c.1471

80mm Mounted Henry Percy, "Hotspur" 1388.
80 mm Scale Foot Figures.

Knight of the Hundred Year War c.1400

Knight of the Wars of the Roses c. 1485

Knight of the Battle of Bannockburn 1314

Knight of the Wars of the Roses 1485

King Richard III at Bosworth Field 1485
Richard III on large base with battlefield debris and heraldic shield.

Henry Percy "Hotspur" at the Battle of Otterburn 1388

English Billman C15

English Knight at the Battle of Falkirk 1298
English Knight at the Battle of Falkirk 1298 with banner.

Knight of the Battle of Towton 1461 

The Master of the Templars C13

 The Lord of the Isles

Handgunner on campaign C15

Crossbowman on campaign C15

Border Levy 1585, sculpted by Keith Durham

Knight of the Battle of Bosworth 1485

Beowulf sculpted by Keith Durham

C15 Knight with banner

Turcoman Archer sculpted by Derek Holmes
C15 Knight

King Francis I of France 1515-1547 

Roman Auxilliary Cavalryman on Hadrian's Wall

Sir Robt. Knolleys in the Hundred Years War c1346

English Bowman of the Hundred Years War.

Sir Edmund Mortimer, Earl of March C15
Musketeer English Civil War, battle of Naseby
Crossbowman 1471

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