Thursday, 27 March 2014

HR Yankee Tank Project

HR Yankee Tank 4-4-0T front bogie.

My Yankee Tank kit arrived from Lochgorm Kits a couple of weeks ago and though I've not made a great deal of progress yet I have been able to assess the merits, limitations, omissions and faults of the kit which will be evident as description of the build progresses. I've no doubt that the kit built straight from the box produces a reasonable Yankee Tank, however my intention is to use the parts provided by the kit as the starting point of a fully detailed scale model of the engine based on available photos and the drawings in Peter Tatlow's invaluable "Highland Locomotives". For the prototype my choice lit on HR 14, built in 1893 and renumbered 54 in 1900 and it is in this latter guise that I'll build her. There is a superb photo extant of the engine as HR14 which provides most of the information I need to supplement the drawing.

The bogie illustrated has been built using the parts supplied with some modification, in particular I had to adjust the width of the spacers. An 0.7mm washer outside each axle box allows the wheels to revolve freely without fouling the centrally mounted bogie spring which protrudes beyond the frames slightly. I'm not sure what effect widening the bogie frames will have on the loco main frames which are I think rather narrow at a bare 26.4mm overall and may need wider spacers in turn.

 I will sign off for now as I need to order some scratch building materials!



HR Fish Truck

HR Fish Truck from a Lochgorm Kit

I decided to build this wagon in a short interlude between loco projects which presented itself before the Glasgow Show in February where I intended to buy a "Lochgorm" Yankee Tank kit which I knew, once started, would be a time consuming project and leave little time for this kind of indulgence. It's a Jones Open Fish Truck d.12 and is the second I've built to add to my Highland Railway train of mixed goods and passenger stock. However, whereas the first was finished in HR passenger green livery I intend the second, as there is much uncertainty about the actual colour of these vehicles, to take to the rails in goods wagon oxide. It needs a few more details to complete and an interesting and appropriate load of the fishy kind to bring it to life. I'm considering the possibilities...