Saturday, 21 April 2012

A Running Day at CD0GG

Pete's Coal Tank on her first run on the CD0GG layout

I was pleasantly surprised when the Coal Tank ran round the outer circuit of the CD0GG layout at Carlisle today without a problem on her first outing in public. Here she's running through the station pulling a single LNWR coach. There's very little weight in the chassis yet so a longer train proved beyond her capabilities.
Although the engine was only fitted with two wiper pick-ups each side, and ran in effect as an 0-4-0, she performed smoothly.

Two Coal Tanks in differing stages of construction
Behind Pete's engine stands a partly constructed Coal Tank, built from a Mercian Models kit; construction has stalled due to "dimensional problems". For my own part I've side stepped the pitfalls of Mercian Models' kits by simply scratch building the engine.

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