Saturday, 20 October 2012

Coal Tank; construction complete.

LNWR Coal Tank; construction complete.

The front of a Coal Tank is a busy place, plenty of interesting detail.

The tool boxes were cast in white metal from my own patterns, the shed plate, which clipped to the rear edge of the roof, is no. 32 Workington. The vaccum ejector can be seen on the right hand inside tank top.

From the outside a good deal of cab interior detail is visible. The tool boxes slightly overhang the bunker sides and are held in place on raised blocks by hooks and a turnbuckle on the ends.

Cab as it would have been in 1891 before carriage heating equipment was added to the engine to  further complicate the interior detail.

LNWR Coal Tank ready for the paint shop, she'll eventually be no.771 which was shedded at Workington.

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