Friday, 20 January 2017

A Crew for a HR Loch.

Crew seen with the roof removed

With the roof in place the cab interior is still a focus of interest and detail.

Little of the backhead detail is obscured by the crew.

Fitting figures into cabs so they don't fall over...How to do it...As construction of my HR Loch approached completion I turned my attention to providing a suitable a crew that would fit the cab without unduly obscuring the backhead detail or appearing to crowd the rather restricted cab area. You can judge for yourselves the degree to which I've succeeded. Both the figures are fixed in place with short lengths of brass rod. The driver on the left of the engine has a short 0.6mm dia. rod fixed in his bottom which locates in a corresponding hole in the splasher top. The fireman has a similar rod inserted into a hole drilled through his foot and up his left leg which locates into a hole in the cab floor. The figures are securely in place and do not fall over when the engine is in motion. I'm sure that this is the best method of fixing figures in place in cabs, they can be removed at will and the tiny locating holes are hardly visible.

Both these figures, which I designed with the cab of a 4-4-0 in mind, are now available from Invertrain

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