Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Fordson "F" Crawler on NBR "IMP".

Fordson "F" Crawler on NBR/LNER Dia. 99B

Tractor roped and blocked on the wagon deck.
I have a backlog of models, including 4 engines and 2 coaches, which have been waiting in the sidings for the paint shop for far too long, and I intend to address this as a matter of importance. In fact I've already begun work and my HR D19 6-wheel coach is well underway and... as you can see in the accompanying illustrations, I've actually finished the NBR wagon with its tractor load in good time to run at the weekend at the Members Day at CD0GG in Carlisle. The tractor, in the absence of any firm evidence, is roped and blocked onto the wagon bed in the way that I'd do it rather than in the regulation manner of the LNER. The word "SIGHTHILL" on the wagon curb rail presented a problem as I'd no transfer for it so it had to be contrived with a mixture of a few individual transfer letters and a few painted ones. The key to this problem being a new 00 sable paint brush that I bought this morning in Cockermouth, in one of the few remaining art shops in Cumbria.
The crawler tractor is being taken up to the north of Scotland  to replace some poor old horses that are due for retirement from the Forestry Commission, they'll be glad to see it.

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