Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Detailing the Lochgorm tank.

Lochgorm Tank  detailing in progress

The backhead of this engine remains an insoluble mystery due to lack of reference material, however I bought some parts from LGM's "HR Boiler Back Pack" which I think will help create, if not an authentic backhead, at least a believable one. The cab is spacious and much of the interior detail will be visible so it needs to be fairly busy inside. Of course there'll be a crew in the cab too which will help, I'm working right now on them and have a couple of good poses in mind for them.

HR Lochgorm Tank... detailing in progress.

The dome is surmounted by an 8BA screw which, with the addition of a washer or two, will serve nicely as part of the Salter safety valve assembly, the uprights of which are from "Hobby Horse". The cab roof is a white metal casting from LGM which fits snugly without any modification. There's a hole in the chassis through which the inside motion can be glimpsed in photos, so I may have to make some representation of this myself.

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