Saturday, 14 September 2013

Lochgorm Tank at CD0GG Running Day

Running through the station at CD0GG

You may have been wondering how my Lochgorm Tank was progressing...well the four accompanying photos should answer that and give you a flavour of the busy running day on the Carlisle 0 Gauge Group's layout today. It has taken three months to get to this stage, busy summer months that offer only limited opportunity for modelling, so I'm pleased with progress. The basic platework of the engine is complete now though some parts were quickly fixed in place with double-sided Sellotape just for the day. And Yes, that is eleven wagons in the train behind her, which she pulled with ease with power to spare.

The station and other buildings in the scenic section of the extensive layout were built by club member David Gibson and took first prize in their section at Guildex in Telford last week, demonstrating that the Carlisle club is undeniably a modellers club.

Lochgorm Tank in action

In the sidings.

The scenic section of the layout.

Though the basic outline of the loco has been built there remains a good deal of detail to be added to bring her to life. The cab area is spacious and the interior will need detailing though pictures of the loco frustratingly allow us only a glimpse inside. Most of the detailing components have been obtained from either LGM or Hobbyhorse with some being scratch built by myself.

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